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FaceUni gives people power to share and make the world more private, safe and connected.
FaceUni's mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more private,
safe and connected.

Hey Guys and thank you for being here right now. is a project that I've been
working on since 2013 and felt it was the right time to launch. So any feedback,
constructive criticism or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Now One of the reasons I
started this project in the first place, was that I noticed there was a growing fear
towards the Powers That Be and their involvement with "Social Networks" in a conspiracy to suppress
the spread of information along with added disinformation, so I had to take the stand and
find an alternative.

This platform includes new ways by which we could share Audios, Videos, Documents, YouTube
Channels, and much more, it will greatly help us learn and evolve with the concern of censorship.
Like everything in life, it starts with an idea, and I strongly believe in Truth and Freedom. Freedom to
share information which may help lead to Peoples Awakening, Greater Knowledge,
Spirituality and Liberation. So I ask anyone and everyone that feels the same way, to join
me today in hopes to help spread Truth, Love and expand our horizons without any outside
influences. It's time to stay true to Ourselves, our Neighbors, Friends and Families. It's
time to Live Free, not just Think Free.