WebHosting has never been simpler!

Powerful Web Hosting

Our Best Web Applications let you create Blogs, Social Networks, Live Help systems, Shopping Cart Websites, Photo albums in under 1 minutes.

Immediately after that, it 's ready to use – with no additional configuration required.

Look how easy it is to install Wordpress!

Powerful Web Hosting
Powerful Web Hosting

100's of bonus web templates are available at your finger tips to install with wordpress at no extra charge.

Powerful Web Hosting

FaceUni's Click Install WebApps; keeps things simple for you. We'll get the latest version of the app, setup the database for you, configure the important files needed and give you access to your front and back end in less than a few seconds... Each and every app has been tested on our servers and your brand new website will be ready in less than a few minutes...

Powerful Web Hosting

If you've ever installed a web application before by hand, like Wordpress, Drupal or Open-cart, then you know it isn't that simple.

You need to get the latest version from their site, unzip it, upload it to your server, setup a database; create database username/password, set permissions, modify configuration files...

This is now, a thing of the past...

More Than 300 Open Source Softwares Are Readily Available

We offer famous web apps such as Wordpress, Joomla,  OpenRealty – an application that will enable you to build and manage a real estate website without difficulty, all free and all open source.

osCommerce, OpenCart, Magento – are very popular and useful e–commerce apps, which allow you to accept credit cards on your own webstore.

Wikipedia, OpenSocialNetworks, and many more to choose from.

Manage your whole company with our Control Panel

Powerful Web Hosting

Test drive this amazing platform for free today!

Powerful Web Hosting

 Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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